Mack Fire Apparatus
- Special Feature -

By Britton W Crosby
March 2001 - Updated March 2005

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A Tribute to the Bulldog of all Fire Trucks

Page 4 - Great Macks 1920's-1960's

30 Mack photos on this page

A 1920's Mack AC pumper from Baltimore in parade.

Freehold, NJ Mack pumper.


Mack..... Made in the USA

Mack at Lynnfield 2002

Mack with a front mount pump - Harrisburg, PA 2002.

Tappan, NY Mack Pumper.

Baltimore Engine 24.

Mack pumper from St. Louis with wraparound "Squirrel tale" hard suction hose.

St. Louis, MO antique Mack in 1989.

Mack pumper during FDNY's 125th anniversary parade.

An old Mack L with a unique color scheme...Baltimore parade..


Bedford, MA Engine 1 Mack at Lynnfield 2002

Rupert VFD Engine 2 - Lynnfield 1999

A unique Mack Sedan B series Pumper vintage 1950s-1960's.

The Mack B 4 door sedan pumper.

Wayland, Mass Mack.

Newton, Mass Engine 12.

Baldwin, NY Mack at Lynnfield 1997

Wayland Engine 4 Mack at Lynnfield 1997

"You want water ?........ You got it!"

West End Fire Company 5, PA Mack at the Harrisburg muster 2002.


Famous FDNY Searchlight No.1 during FDNY's 125th.

Mack chassis with a Maxim aerial ladder at Lynnfield 2004.

Montreal Mack with Marquis aerial ladder.

Montreal Mack with Marquis aerial ladder.


Great looking Back B pumper in a parade Lakehurst, NJ in 1997.


Its not who you are...its who you hang out with that counts!

Knowing your B's and C's.




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