Mack Fire Apparatus
- Special Feature -

By Britton W Crosby
March 2001 - Updated March 2005

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A Tribute to the Bulldog of all Fire Trucks

Page 2 - Cape Cod Macks 1920's-1960's

13 Mack photos on this page

Early Cape Cod Macks
A number of Macks have served the Cape Cod area over the years.
From the early 1930's to present day, Macks have proven their worth
on Cape Cod, as they have around the world.

Photo Above: Hyannis, Massachusetts Engine 5
A classic Mack L series 1949 750gpm Pumper.
Engine 5 (E-85) served 43 years, retiring in 1992.


Edgartown Fire Department (Martha's Vineyard) still has this
well preserved 1927 Mack Pumper.

The Bull Dog sitting on the radiator of Barnstable's 1935 Mack.

Barnstable Fire Department's first fire Engine 1 was
this 1935 Mack 500 gpm pumper.

Barnstable's 1935 Mack with West Barnstable's 1956 Ford.

Hyannis' 1949 Mack L 750gpm Engine 5 had a 265 gallon tank.
Shown at the 2001 Fire Prevention parade.

Hyannis' 1950 Mack Engine 5 pumping at a fire in 1980's.

Hyannis Engine 5

Hyannis Engine 5 in 1992

Hyannis Engine 5

Edgartown's 1952 Mack Engine 1 is also still in running condition at the department's museum.

Orleans Fire Department bought this Mack C-95 series pumper in 1966.

Orleans Fire Department rehabed its 1966 Mack in 1985, painting it
the department's new chrome yellow color scheme. This Engine still
serves today in reserve status as Engine 178.

The C Nose.




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