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On December 3, 1999

6 Firefighters gave their lives

in Worcester, Massachusetts

The fire, the rescue efforts, the recovery efforts, the community support, the international attention, the media coverage,
the memorial ceremonies, the Presidential visit, the fund raising efforts, the coming together, the families.

No fire has had a greater effect on so many firefighters.

The memories of the Worcester Six...

Firefighter Paul A. Brotherton - Rescue 1

Firefighter Jeremiah M. Lucey - Rescue 1

Fire Lieutenant Thomas E. Spencer - Ladder 2

Firefighter Timothy P. Jackson - Ladder 2

Firefighter James "Jay" F. Lyons, III - Engine 3

Firefighter Joseph T. McGuirk - Engine 3

...Will last in our minds and hearts forever.

Slide 476 "Heros"


Slide 475 "Flags & Flowers"

Slide 021 "Fallen Never Forgotten"


Slide 078 "Central Division"


Slide Worcester Engine

Worcester Engine 3


Slide Worcester Ladder 1

Worcester Ladder 1


Slide 082 Worcester Rescue 1

Worcester Rescue 1


Slide 466 "Central Bunkroom"

Bunkroom at Central

Roger Conant Photo of Fire

The amazing photo taken by Roger Conant...The Worcester Tellegran


Slide 224 "Heros Billboard"

The community came together


Slide 011 "Worcester Cold Storage"

It took a week to recover all six members



Slide 060 "Boston Brothers Help"

Crews from across the state came to Worcester to cover the city
and respond to calls while the Worcester firefighters
dug out their brothers.


Slide 007 "The Heart of Massachusetts"


Slide "Worcester Fire Dept"


Slide 207 "Sunrise"


Slide 212 "Recovery Sunrise"


Slide 202 "One Face"


Slide 199 "Morning Briefing"

The story was covered like no other prior to it.
The country watched and waited as crews worked
24 hours a day to finish the task.


The above photos were taken by Britton W Crosby
See more of my Worcester Photos.

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This feature was originally posted in 2001.
It has been updated as of Dec 2013.