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September 2, 2016 - October 27, 2016


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Wheeling, WV Fireboat, the first one on the list.

     The day started out in Washington, PA - a small city southwest of Pittsburgh - visiting a couple fire stations.  Then it was into Wheeling, West Virginia to find a fireboat. We found a fire station and were pleased with the unique orange color paint jobs on the apparatus.  Talking with the guys, we learned that there was a scheduled speed boat race on the Ohio River this morning and the Wheeling fireboat would in fact be on hand for the event. Perfect!

    The Wheeling riverfront was calm and pretty this morning. We found the Wheeling Firefighter's memorial overlooking the river. Sure enough, along came the little Wheeling fireboat to get its pictures taken!  Unfortunately, our schedule for the day was already sort of locked in, so we did not get to stay and watch the power boat race, but it looked like it would have been a lot of fun.

    So off we went, into Ohio leaving I-70 and taking a back road (Route 250) across to I-77 and then north with a stop in Canton, OH.  We found the NFL Hall of Fame and took some pictures, but again, did not take the time to go inside since that would certainly take hours we didn't have today. We continued north thru Akron and the east on I-80 to a place called Streetsboro, OH where we checked into our campground for Night 3.

    The day was far from over however.  The Miami Marlins were playing at progressive Field in  Cleveland this afternoon and we were going to the game.  We met up with our friend "Skip" who was kind enough to pick us up at the campground and go with us to the game. It was our first visit to the beautiful Progressive Field on a beautiful day for baseball. The Navy Blue Angels were doing an air show in Cleveland today so not only did we get to see a baseball game, but we got to see the airshow as well before the game got started.

    Miami (who we were there to see) lead the game against the Indians into the 9th inning. Then Cleveland rallied and closed out the game with a 5-6 walk-off win in the bottom of the 9th. It was disappointing to see the team we came to root for loose, but it is always exciting and fun when the home team put on a great show at the end of a game to get a victory. Little did we know, we were watching the team that would go to the 2016 World Series in a month to play in one of the most historic and exciting World Series ever, with the Chicago Cubs ending their 108 year World Series drought and raising the "W" Flag over Progressive Field at the end of a nail biting, rain delayed, extra innings Cubs WIN in Game 7!

    Our main reason for coming to the game, and for rooting for the Marlins, was to see Miami pitcher (and future son in law) Nick Wittgren #64 after the game!  Mission accomplished!

    Skip got us safely back to our campground in Streetsboro for Night 3.  Great day.
STATES TODAY: PA-WV-OH - (3) States today / (8) different states so far
DISTANCE:  162 miles for the Day / 819 miles for the Trip so far
FIREBOATS: (1) Wheeling, WV. (2) Cleveland, OH


The morning started out in Washington, PA,  Penn State Nittany Lions country.

A quiet volunteer fire station outside Washington, PA

Washington, PA Central Fire Station

Looks like a parking garage, but its not.

Wheeling, PA Fire Headquarters.... and parking garage?!  That's different.

I always enjoy finding different looking apparatus. Not many orange ones out there.

The Wheeling, WV Firefighters Memorial down by the river.

The Ohio River in Wheeling, WV

Canton, OH Fire Station

The NFL Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio

Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH

The Blue Angels over Progressive Field!

Cleveland Fire Museum as seen from Progressive Field

Great looking ball park on a beautiful day.

Cleveland's Fireboat on the River as seen from the ball park.


What a treat to see the Blue Angels performing over Cleveland.

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler starts for the Marlins today.

Nick was able to pick us out of the crowd!

The Miami bull pen (Nick on the right).

The 9th Inning went Cleveland's way as you can see by the enthusiasm.

Tough loss

"Fan Girl"

She waited all day for that one

Great to see Nick on the road in Cleveland.




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