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Apparatus - Stations - Department - Incidents
Barnstable County
August 7, 2022








2021 Chevy Tahoe Fire Chief Car
Sept 2021




2019 International / Horton Type I Ambulance
May 2019





2018 Chevy Tahoe
EMS Officer
Oct 2018

2008 (2018) Chevy 2500 4x4 4 door Pickup Truck
Formerly Car 323




The 2001 Pierce Quantum 1500/500  105' Quint Aerial Ladder
has returned from a complete refurbishing by Pierce in 2017-2018.
The refurb took the truck apart and rebuilt it. Its appearance shows
a few changes including updating the front of the cab and painting
roll up doors on the body.
(May 2018)



2017 International / Horton Type I Ambulance
EMS 326
Mar  2017




2009 International / Horton Type I
Dive Truck
Formerly Ambulance 326
Mar 2017

New Car

2016 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Shift Commander Car


New Car

2016 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Deputy Chief Car
Jan 2016




It appears the old 1967 Maxim Brush Breaker has quietly been retired
from service after 47+ years. The "Maxim" logo has been removed
and the truck has a number of age related problems that can no longer
be fixed. The truck was originally owned by the Town of Barnstable
Forest Fire Department and operated by the Centerville-Osterville
Fire District at Osterville for many years.
June 2015 


1993 Military 5 ton / 2013 Fire One Forestry Truck
250 gpm / 750 gallons
Photo Dec 2014

April 2016


New Boat

2016 Achilles 14' Rigid Hull Boat
April 2016


New Wrecker

1994 AM General / Wrecker 18' boom 5 ton
Mechanic Vehicle

New Ambulance

2014 International 4400 / Horton Type I Ambulance
This is the first single ambulance bought in decades.
Previous ambulances were identical and bought 3 at a time.
Nov 2014
Replaced 2009 International 4400 / Horton Type I Ambulance
which was then assigned as ambulance 327, a 4th ambulance to serve
as a backup vehicle.

Reassigned  Ambulance

Replaced 2009 International 4400 / Horton Type I Ambulance
Formerly Ambulance 324.
Reassigned to become 4th ambulance, as spare, Nov 2014


New Boat

2007 (2014) SAFE BOAT 25' Rescue Boat
Former USCG acquired in 2014
Docked in Osterville


New Car

2014 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV
Fire Prevention Car
Dec 2013



2014 Kubota 4x4 ATV
Purchased by Association

April 2016


New Forestry

2012 Chevy 3500 4x4 Pickup
Will have skid tank/pump from 1995 Forestry 317
Photo Dec 2012

1995 Forestry 317


New Car

COMM Car 301
2012 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV
Fire Chief Car
Aug 2012


New Engine

COMM Engine 303
2010 Pierce Quantum Tak 4 Pumper
1500 / 750 / 25A / 40B
Assigned to Station 3
In service Mar 2011


Replaced 1987 Pierce Arrow
This engine was sold to Harwich FD as Engine 68

Former COMM Engine
Now Harwich Engine 68
Photo Dec 2011

New Engine

COMM Engine 304
2010 Pierce Quantum Tak 4 Pumper
1500 / 750 / 25A / 40B
Assigned to Station 2
In service Feb 2011

COMM Engine 304
Replaced 1994 Pierce Saber
1500/700/20A/30B Pumper

Former COMM E-304
sold to Fall River Fire Department
As Engine 12
Photo Feb 2012


New Engines

Engine 303 and Engine 304 delivered Dec 2010


COMM Engines
2010 District meeting approved funding for (2) new Pierce Quantum pumpers.
The designed will be similar to that of E305 with some modifications.
The new engines will replace the 1987 Pierce E303 and 1994 Pierce E304.
Delivery expected late 2010 / early 2011

New Car

COMM Car 329
2010 Ford Explorer SUV 4x4
Fire Prevention
Sept 2010

New Forestry Truck

Photo Dec 2012

Vehicle was painted.
Rewiring completed.
New tires on. New tires off.
Second military chassis acquired.
Exchanged dual rear wheels from 2nd old chassis
with single rear wheels on red painted chassis.
Photo 9-15-11


COMM Forestry
1993 Military 5 ton chassis
Initially expected to be built as a brush breaker to replace the 1967 Maxim.
Plans currently to convert into a 750 gallon forestry vehicle without all the bars
of a full brush breaker.
Photo April 2009


New Ambulances

COMM Ambulances 2009

COMM Ambulance 324
2009 International / Horton Type I Ambulance
March 2009

COMM Ambulance 325
2009 International / Horton Type I Ambulance
June 2009

COMM Ambulance 326
2009 International / Horton Type I Ambulance
March 2009

COMM is expected (3) new International / Horton Ambulances
in Fall 2008

New Vehicles

Car 322
2008 Chevy 3500 4x4 / 2004 Omaha utility body.
Vehicle was originally 1992 Ford F250. Serves as mechanic vehicle
with lift gate.  Oct 2007

Car 323
2008 Chevy 2500 Pickup for EMS Officer.
Oct 2007

New Shift Command Vehicle

 2007 Chevy Suburban
in service March 2007

New COMM Engine 305

Engine 305
New COMM FD Engine 305, 2006 Pierce Quantum Tak4 1500/750/25A/40B
Pumper went in service at Marstons Mills Station 3 Sept 27, 2006.
It has a larger generator, Husky 12 foam system, deckgun, 1600'4" LDH,
Jaws spreader, hard suction hose.

COMM Lighting Plant

COMM FD now has a Magnum 6000w Generator / light tower.
Five of these units are now distributed throughout the town's fire depts.
Oct 2005


Car 320
2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Deputy Chief Car

COMM District meeting on May 17, 2005 approved a new Engine.  The new
engine will replace the 1983 Mack Engine 305.  It is expected that this new engine
would be assigned to either station 2 or 3 and the 1987 Pierce would become the
backup at Station 1. It is expected that the new engine would be similar to E306
with less compartments and a few other changes.

Voters also approved a new Deputy Chief vehicle to replace the 1996 Chevy Blazer
funding for a new brush breaker if matching funds are received from a grant.
The 1967 Maxim brush  breaker 316 is difficult to repair and get parts for
and need to be replaced.



 COMM Engine 306 is a 2005 Pierce Quantum Tak4 1500 gpm Rescue Pumper
with a 500 gallon tank.  It is equipped with the Husky 10 foam system with a 25 gallon
class A tank and 40 gallon Class B foam tank.  The engine has a 15,000w hydraulic
generator with a telescoping light tower and pre-connected hydraulic Jaws of Life
tools.  It has a deckgun and will carry 1200' of 4" LDH as well as an assortment of
rescue and firefighting equipment.   It arrived in April 2005 and will go in service
after training. The new engine will serve as the department's heavy rescue pumper
replacing Engine 305.  The 1983 Mack E305 will become the mutual aid / reserve
engine at Station 1.  The 1975 Mack E302 will be retired.

Class A foam training.

COMM Engine 302 was retired upon Engine 306 going in service.
The 1975 Mack 1250/1000 pumper was put out to bid and sold.
August 2005

Time for Paint.... Again

Rescue 324
The 2000 Freightliner / ALF Aero Medic Master ambulances are being sent out one by one
to be repainted for the 2nd time since going in service.  Problems with paint have plagued the
ambulances.  Rescue 326 was repainted in early 2005.  Rescue 324 is to go for paint in March 2005
followed by Rescue 325 upon the return of 324.  A loaner ambulance has been acquired and has
been assigned as Rescue 327 for temporary duty.

Rescue Boat

Boat 314
2002 Rigid Hull 21' Inflatable boat with Johnson 25 hp added to front line duty
at the Centerville Station.


New Chief Car

Car 301
2003 Ford LTD Crown Victoria
Fire Chief Car


New Rescue Pumper Approved
Voters approved the purchase of a new Rescue Pumper for the COMM FD
at the annual meeting held on June 17, 2003.
Plans are to design a rescue pumper to run from Headquarters to all MVAs, etc...
This would be a Class A pumper with rescue style compartments for preconnected
jaws tools, etc.  This engine would officially replaced Engine 302 (1975 Mack)
that will be retired.  The present rescue engine (305) would become a structural
engine at headquarters.  



Fire Damaged Ambulance

COMM Firefighters working at Station 3 (Marstons Mills) had to do some quick
scrambling on the evening of Feb 12th when Rescue 326 caught fire in the
engine room.  A fire started under the hood and was advancing rapidly when
discovered.  The fire was extinguished before it could extend to the structure
but did cause considerable damage to the ambulance, and minor damage to
E-304 that was parked next to it.  COMM R-325 had been relocated to the
Mills Station with no ambulance currently at Centerville.
All Rescues are back
in service and repainted April 1, 2004



COMM Radio Changes Jan 2003
A new rigid hull inflatable boat has been added... Radio "314"
The Dive Trailer, formerly 329, has been reassigned as ... Radio "315"
The Fire Prevention Truck, formerly 308, has been reassigned as.... Radio "328"

COMM Engine Refurbished

Engine 303
The 1987 Pierce Arrow is now Engine 303.
November 2002
Includes 950 gallon poly tank, new diamond plate, new paint, etc...
Now assigned to Osterville.

Engine 315
August 2002

Apparatus Changes Oct 2002 

Engine 302 (75 Mack) and Engine 305 (83 Mack) are now at Station 1.
Engine 303 (87 Pierce) is at Station 2 and Engine 304 (94 Pierce) is at Station 3.
Ladder 307 (2001 Pierce Quint) will continue to run 1st due at Station 1.
Forestry Engine 306 (68 Inter/Maxim) has been taken out of service permanently.
The new hovercraft iwill be in service following training.  Nov 2002.
The new Fire Prevention Pickup Truck is numbered 328...replaced 308.
This is part of the renumbering plan.  Unit 309 will eventually become 329.

COMM 328
Nov 2002


COMM Engine Refurbished

 Engine 305 

May 2002

1983 Mack CF600 Pumper
1250 gpm / 1000 gallon
This engine was recently refurbished by EJ Murphy.
All the diamond plate was replaced, rust was repaired, 
the entire truck was repainted, including the black roof and reflective stripe.
The department seal will be placed on the door.

Engine 305 before refurbishing. 



COMM Fire Department's New Ladder Truck

 Ladder 307 

Arrived Sept 28, 2001

2001 Pierce Quantum 105' Quint Aerial Ladder
1500 gpm / 500 gallon
Equipped with All Wheel Steer, a Pre-Piped waterway,
a 750 lb tip load, a 10,000w diesel generator, 1200' of 4" LDH.
It weighs 73,500 lbs, is 42'3" long, and 12'3" tall.
It will be assigned to the Centerville Fire Headquarters.
It will replace the 1976 Maxim 100' Aerial Ladder 314.
(The 1976 Maxim has been sold to the Lakeville, MA Fire Department)

Ladder 307 with Ladder 314

All Wheel Steer training...October 2001
43' truck weaving between 31' cones.
Notice rear wheels and front wheels.


COMM RESCUES 324-325-326
After literally years in the planning and ordering stages, COMM FD finally placed its 3 new Freightliner / American LaFrance - Medic Master Type I ambulances in service in January 2000. The "big trucks" replaced 1989 Ford/Braun Type III ambulances that had served well, but were very tired. Rescue 324 is assigned to Osterville, Rescue 325 to Centerville, and Rescue 326 to the Marstons Mills Station. They carry the department's new colors with white body / red stripes / and a black roof! The light and sound systems are very effective at providing the visibility needed for safety these days. They are fully ALS, as are all cape ambulances.


The duty officer vehicle is a 1999 Chevy Suburban 4x4 SUV painted red with a black roof and white stripe.

March 2002 - New Hovercraft Delivered.




Osterville Fire Station

Osterville Fire Station
(Opened in 2010)

The new Osterville Fire Station at 999 Main Street
was opened on January 7, 2010.


The new station was built on the site of the old Osterville Station
that was originally built in 1926 and added onto in 1962.



New Osterville Fire Station

New Osterville Fire Station 2
February 2010

New Osterville Station August 2009

The Future Osterville Fire Station
Expected completion Fall 2009

Site plan for Osterville Station

Site prep September 21, 2008

Site prep August 31, 2008

Osterville Fire Station being torn down Aug 15, 2008

Temporary Osterville Fire Station
on Water Department property
Moved in July 22, 2008

Osterville Station
June 29, 2008


Osterville Fire Station Study

COMM FD is presently evaluating option for the present Osterville Fire Station.
The station, originally built in 1926, with several additions, including the main
engine room in 1962, is in need of some major renovations or a possible
replacement.  More to follow over the next couple years as options are defined.

New COMM Fire Station #3 Opens 18 Aug 2003

Firefighter Tom Long looks on as the old Mills Station comes down on
August 25, 2003.  The "tin house" was home to 24 coverage for 4 years
before the new station opened.  Removal clears way for parking and a
drill yard behind the new station.

COMM Fire Station #3 Under Construction

June 2003
Progress is good despite many delays.  Plastering is done inside and painting is
being done along with some finishing touches.  The ramp and rear parking areas
have been prepared for paving.  The hope is now for an August move in.

December 2002

New Station is being built in front of old station. Apparatus room coming along.
Living quarters to follow.  Oct 2002.

Construction began in August on the new Marstons Mills Fire Station #3.
The area has been dug out and footings poured as of Sept 2002. 

Present Marstons Mills Fire Station

Architectural rendering of proposed 
new Marstons Mills Fire Station

The 1975 metal clad firehouse in Marstons Mills (Station 3) will soon be replaced
by a new, modern facility designed for fulltime staffing and future needs.  The
originally call only station, was occupied by fulltime personnel in August 1999
to improve service in the growing Marstons Mills village. Part of that plan was
some form of renovation of that station to upgrade it for at least 3 on duty personnel.
Initial construction began on July 31, 2002 as the parking area and hill
in front of the present station was dug up to make room for the new station.
The plan calls for approximately 9 months of construction.
Voters at a special District meeting on January 3, 2002 narrowly defeated a 
proposal to build a new fire station.  The 85 in favor, 50 against vote, failed to 
pass by 2/3 as required by just 5 votes.

The regular Fire District meeting was held on May 21, 2002 and the
article for the proposed new station passed by the necessary margin.  
The total estimated cost is around $2.million.  

The Marstons Mills Fire Station built in 1975 as a call fire station was occupied by 24 hour staffing in August 1999 after some minor renovations by firefighters to make the building habitable. The 2000 District meeting approved funds for plans to do a considerable remodeling job. Funding for the remodeling itself was hoped to be approved in 2001.  A meeting on Jan 3, 2002 rejected a nearly $2 million request for the new station construction.





COMM Fire Department

The COMM FD held a recognition night on Monday Oct 16, 2023.





Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire Department continues to mourn
 the loss of 2 Retired Members who passed away within hours of each other.

Captain Miles J. "Mac" Pawloski, age 87, passed away
on September 16, 2023. He first joined the C-O FD in 1961
as a Call Firefighter and served as a Call Captain prior to being
hired Fulltime in about 1973. He served as the department's
first Fire Inspector. He then became Captain of Group 2
in 1980 as the department began to transition from a primarily
Call Department to a department staffed 24 hours a day starting in 1981.
He was a founding member of IAFF Local 2346.

(Retired Captain Steve Smith, Retired Captain Mac Pawloski,
Retired Sr Private Gus Crosby, Retired Chief John Farrington)

He served many years as a leader and mentored many of us,
who had the honor and pleasure of working with, and for him.
He had a great sense of humor, was a great card player.
loved sports, was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.
He enjoyed golf, Spring Training in Florida, and stopping
by the Osterville Fire Station to keep in touch with everyone.
Rest in Peace Captain "Mac".

Visiting Hours for Captain Pawloski at Chapman (John Lawrence)
in Marstons Mills on Sunday Sept 24, 2023 from 15:00 to 18:00.

Funeral on Monday Sept 25, 2023 at 11:00 hrs at the Our Lady of
Assumption Church in osterville to be followed by burial at
the Mosswood Cemetery in Cotuit.


Firefighter Gary Johnson (left) served with the Otis Fire Department
prior to coming to COMM FD in 1989 where he served a full dedicated career.
Gary was a dedicated professional who always got the job done
and could be counted o to show up when others sometimes didn't.

He retired in 2015 after 28 years of service.
A husband, father, and grandfather.
Retired Air Force.
He battled cancer recently, passing away on Sept 17, 2023.
Age 70.
Rest in Peace Gary.
Not to be Forgotten.

Internment: Friday October 20, 2023 10:15 hrs
The National Cemetery, Joint Base Cape Cod

Celebration of Life: Saturday October 21, 2023 12:00-16:00
Wequaquet Yacht Club, Centerville



The COMM FD recently made several new promotions and recognized others that were made during the past year and a half. Lt Thomas Goodearl has been promoted to Captain on Group 3. Several new Lieutenants were also promoted. Other members were recognized for various accomplishments.
See the Special Feature (HERE) .  Congratulations and best wishes to all. 
The new shift assignments look like this 

Group 1: Captain Enrique Arrascue (P)    
                   Lt Mike Miskiv  
                   Lt Louis Sassone (P)
                   Lt Zach Hunter (P)
Group 2: Captain Brian Morrison  
                  Lt. Eric Sabatinelli (I)
                  Lt Matthew Malone (P)
                  Lt Michael Carney (P)
Group 3: Captain Thomas Goodearl (P)        
                  Lt. Mathew Dillon (P)
                  Lt Gordon Williams
                  Actg Lt Daniel Carpenter (P)  
Group 4: Captain Christopher Adams,       
                  Lt Daniel Osgood
                  Lt Michael Rogers
                  Lt Bradley Smith (P)
Oct 25, 2021


Lt / Paramedic Roger Aalto is retiring after many years with COMM FD. Congratulations!
Sept 30, 2021


Firefighter Tom Long is retiring July 30, 2021 after more than 28 years with COMM FD. A sendoff will be held from 0900-1100 at the COMM HQ on July 30. Congrats!
July 17, 2021


Florence and George Hodkinson have been active supporters, and good friends, working and volunteering around COMM FD for many years. The two have been together for over 6 decades. Sadly, George, age 85, passed away on December 25, 2020. His big smile, good sense of humor, and friendship will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace George.
Jan 2, 2021

Senior Fire Prevention Officer Martin MacNeely retired after 35 years of service with the COMM Fire Department on Dec 31, 2020. He first joined the fire department in 1985 as a call firefighter at the old Centerville Fire Station. In 1988 he was hired as a COMM Dispatcher and a year later in 1989 became a fulltime Fire Prevention Officer. His experience, knowledge, and actions over his career made the community safer. Best wishes to Martin in future adventures.
Jan 2, 2021



COMM Captain Richard Sargent recently retired after 37 years of service.
COMM has promoted Captain Enrigue Arrascue to be the new Group 1 Captain.
(Photo from when he made Lieutenant in 2014.)
Additional promotions have been made, with the following being the new officer assignments:
Congrats to all!  Dec 15, 2020
Group 1: Captain Enrique Arrascue (P)    
                   Lt Roger Aalto (P)
                   Lt Mike Miskiv
                   Lt Zach Hunter (P)
Group 2: Captain Brian Morrison  
                  Lt. Eric Sabatinelli (I)
                  Lt Louis Sassone (P)
                  Lt Matthew Malone (P)
Group 3: Captain Sean Greene         
                  Lt Eric Bengston (P)  *Out on Injury
                  Lt. Mathew Dillon (P)
                  Lt Michael Rogers
Group 4: Captain Christopher Adams,       
                  Lt Tom Goodearl (P)
                  Lt Daniel Osgood
                  Lt Gordon Williams


Captain Richard Sargent retired on Nov 27, 2020 after some 37 years of service as a Firefighter / Paramedic, Senior Private, Lieutenant, and Captain for the past 10 years. He was also very active in COMM FFs Local 2346. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

COMM Lieutenant Enrique Arrascue will become the new Captain on Group 1. Congrats!
Nov 27, 2020


COMM Firefighter/Paramedic Andrew Reed is retiring after 28 years of service with COMM FD. He joined the Call department in 1992 and became a Fulltime Firefighter in 1996. We worked together for many years. Best wishes in retirement Andrew!
Sept 7, 2020



 COMM Fire Department

Firefighter/EMT Mike Simmons retired August 10, 2020
after more than 30 years of service. Congrats and best wishes!
August 17, 2020

COMM Lt/EMT Thomas Miskiv has retired after
22 years of service with COMM FD effective
June 29, 2020 



Firefighter/EMT Robert "Bobby" O'Melia is retiring on March 27, 2020 after 26 years with COMM FD. He started out with Boston EMS and came to COMM in 1994. "Bobo" was always the heart and soul of COMM and will be missed. Best wishes in your retirement!
Mar 18, 2020  


Firefighter Charles "Chucky" Schneckloth retired on Nov 4, 2019 after 43 years of service. Best wishes and Congratulations on your retirement.
Nov 15, 2019

A long time member of the COMM Fire District Prudential Committee passed away unexpectedly on October 12, 2019. James "Jim" Crocker, age 63, was a lifetime resident of Osterville. His dad had been a member of the call department many years ago. Crocker was also very involved in the Town Council of the Town of Barnstable for many years. Rest in Peace.
Oct 30, 2019


Captain Thomas Burchell is retiring after many years of service with COMM FD and the Hyannis FD. COMM has promoted Christopher Adams from Lt to Captain, and FF Gordon Williams to Lieutenant.  Congratulations and best wishes to all. Sept 29, 2019


Long time Lieutenant-Paramedic James Gardner recently retired from COMM FD after 30+ years of service.
April 2018


The first "civilian" Fire Commissioner (The Commish) of the COMM FD, Jeffery A. Chase, age 66, passed away on Feb 7, 2018.  He served as a Barnstable Police officer for 27 years and as a Fire Commissioner for 15 years. He was a good friend and will be missed. Rest in Peace Commish!
Feb 13, 2018

Retired Call Firefighter Alan Hadfield, age 77, passed away on Feb 1, 2018.  He was one of the early Marstons Mills guys and served for many years.
Feb 13, 2018

An old friend and member of the Centerville roster passed away on Oct 4, 2017.  Frank Gilchrist, age 96, served as a call member for more than 20 years. Rest in Peace Frank.

COMM Has also made (2) acting promotions: Lt Patrick Hill and Lt Matt Malone.  Congrats to both.  Oct 2017

You may have noticed that COMM has changed some of their dispatching procedures, specifically reducing the number of times an "alert" tone is used on their talk-group for the initial dispatch of calls. Medical calls are typically not dispatched with the wobble (turkey) tone as has been done for many, many years. Primary alerting of personnel is still conducted on 154.355 which in primarily an in house paging and alerting channel.  Ambulances then sign on on the department's talk group and are acknowledged by dispatch. A straight alert tone is still mostly used for fire related incidents. This has been in place since early in the winter of 2017.
Updated Oct 2017

Two former members of the COMM FD have passed away.  Retired dispatcher Wayne Jordan apparently passed away in October 2016.  Retired Call Firefighter Leonard Mendes, age 81, passed away on Nov 26, 2016.


Congratulations to Hyannis Firefighter Barry Pina for receiving the 2016 Norman Knight Award for Excellence in Community Service on Tuesday November 29, 2016 at the 27th Firefighter of the Year Awards ceremony in Worcester. FF Pina entered the fire service in 1975 as a call firefighter for COMM FD. He has served fulltime with the Hyannis FD for 32 years. His commitment to coordinating the MDA Fill the Boot program is credited with raising over $300,000 for Muscular Dystrophy research. Barry has been active in many other areas including being part of the Barnstable County Critical Incident Stress Team, teaching CPR for many years, and much more. FF Pina is scheduled to retire in January 2017.  Congratulations Barry!
Dec 2, 2016


Congratulations to the COMM FD Ambulance crew who delivered a healthy baby girl in the back of their moving ambulance on Nov 14, 2016. EMT David Gelinas got credit for the official catch, while Paramedic Jason Travis, Lt/P Louis Sassone, and crew member Ryan Scott all participated in the special delivery. 
Nov 20, 2016


The COMM FD and many others in the Cape Cod area are deeply saddened by the very tragic death of Jordan Galvin-Juntas, age 19, on October 23, 2016. Jordan graduated from Barnstable High School in 2015. He had done an internship in his senior year with the department and showed great promise as a future firefighter. He was attending Ana Maria College in the Fire Science program. Jordan, his 20 year old cousin Kraig Diggs of Osterville, 19 year old Jordan Fisher of Harwich, and 18 year old Cory Licata of West Babylon, NY were in a car returning from the Cape to school at 12:11 AM on I-495 in Middleborough, MA when another car, driven by a 31 year old Fall River woman, heading the wrong way in the northbound lane ofI-495 struck the 4 students' car headon causing it to explode in fire. All 5 people were killed in the crash.  Jordan and the other young men were highly respected, good kids who had bright futures.  
Oct 30, 2016

Retired COMM Senior Private Fred Lewis passed away on Sept 8, 2016. He had battled cancer for several years. Fred was an EMT and served with the juvenile fire setter program for years. He began his career with the Hyannis FD and then with COMM FD for years, with a medical retirement in 2009. Fred was well known around the Cape and will be greatly missed. RIP.
Sept 9, 2016

COMM FD Dispatcher Jeff Gifford has retired after 32 years of service. Jeff began his fire service career as a call firefighter in Cotuit during the late 1970s and joined COMM as a dispatcher in 1984. His voice on the radio and professionalism in his duties will be missed. Congratulations Jeff!  Enjoy your retirement!
July 10, 2016

Congrats to Louis Sassone promoted to Lieutenant.
Also to acting Lt Gordon Williams.
Note: Lt Jason Davern will continue to serve as EMS Officer.
Oct 2015  


Congratulations to Brian Morrison, promoted to Captain of Group 2.  He has been a member of the department for many years and previously served as a Lieutenant.  He replaces Capt Paul Rhude who became the new Nantucket Fire Chief this summer.

Jason Davern was promoted to Lieutenant replacing the position created when Capt Morrison was promoted.  Davern served as the COMM EMS Officer.
Sept 2015

Firefighter Rick Gallo retired in July 2015.


Lieutenant John Tavares is retiring after some 35 years as a member of the COMM FD as of December 29, 2014. Lt Tavares served as a call member, fulltime dispatcher, fulltime firefighter, paramedic, and Lieutenant for many years. Best wishes John and Congrats!

COMM Firefighter Gary Johnson is also retiring after many years.
Dec 27, 2014

Thomas Burchell has been promoted to Captain of Group 4. "TJ" has been a member of the COMM FD for many years, serving as a Lieutenant and paramedic. He previously was a member of the Hyannis FD. He replaces retired Captain Brady Rogers.

Enrique Arrascue has been promoted to Lieutenant, replacing Lt Burchell. Arrascue is also a paramedic and a former Yarmouth FD member.
Sept 24, 2014

Retired COMM FD Senior Private Horace Manley "Gus" Crosby III passed away on September 19, 2014. He was 73. Gus was the first permanent fireman in Osterville in 1966. He was a founding member of IAFF Local 2346 and a beloved member of the department for 33 years.


Captain D "Brady" Rogers has announced his pending retirement. He joined COMM FD in the late 1970s, was one of the original COMM fulltime dispatchers, a paramedic, Lieutenant, and Captain for a number of years. He also served the Cotuit FD briefly as their first fulltime firefighter in the 1980s.
August 2014

COMM FD also recently enacted a major shift / group change in July 2014 as follows:
Group 1: Capt Richard Sargent
               Lt John Tavares, Lt Tom Burchell, Lt Eric Sabatinelli
Group 2: Capt Paul Rhude
               Lt James Gardner, Lt Chris Adams, Lt Brian Morrison
Group 3: Capt Sean Greene
               Lt Roger Aalto, Lt Tom Goodearl, Lt Dan Osgood
Group 4: Capt Brady Rogers
               Lt Eric Bengston, Lt Tom Miskiv, Lt Matt Dillon

August 2014


Paramedic Jason Davern was promoted to EMS at COMM FD in the Spring of 2014. He replaced retired EMS Officer LT Rick Scherbarth.
August 2014


COMM has made two promotions. Paul Rhude has been promoted to Captain and Dan Osgood has been promoted to Lieutenant. These vacancies were created when Byron Eldridge was promoted from Captain to Deputy. Congrats to the new officers. Aug 2013


Deputy Chief Phil Field Retired July 15, 2013 after 39 years with COMM FD. the last 3 as deputy. The new deputy Byron Eldridge, long time Captain was sworn in later that day. Congrats to both.
July 2013

New COMM Fire Chief Michael Winn took over from Chief Farrington June 28, 2013.
Congratulations to Chief Winn and the COMM FD!
June 28, 2013

Chief John M Farrington has retired after 40 years as fire chief.
Administrative Assistant Kathy Loveridge has retired after 28 years.
Deputy Chief Phil Field is set to retire July 15, 2013.
June28, 2013





Lieutenant John Tavares will retire from the COMM FD after 35 years of service in December 2014. He began as a call firefighter in the 1970s, was a fulltime dispatcher, fulltime firefighter/paramedic, and has served many years as a Lieutenant. Congratulations to John and best wishes in retirement.



Horace Manley "Gus" Crosby III
"Uncle Gus"

     It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of retired COMM FD Senior Private Horace Manley "Gus" Crosby III on September 19, 2014 at age 73.

     "Uncle Gus" as he was known to many grew up in Osterville. He joined the Marine Corps. Upon returning from serving his country, he joined the Centerville-Osterville Fire Department in Osterville in 1962. In 1966 he was hired as the first permanent fireman in Osterville. He served as a Captain and ran for fire chief in 1972. He became an EMT and was a founding member of the permanent firefighters union, IAFF Local 2346. His career of 33 years with COMM FD was one of distinction and honor.

     Gus Crosby was a proud Marine "Semper Fi"  He enjoyed all sorts of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, boating, playing softball, and spending time with his family and many friends. His sense of humor, laugh, and special personality brought life long friendships with many. His passion, commitment, work ethic, dedication, and service as a firefighter were unmatched. He loved the fire department and remained interested in it throughout his retirement.

     Gus was married to Connie for over 50 years and raised two great children Kellie and Andrew whom he was very proud of. He loved his two grand children Sam and Sydney.  He has two surviving brothers, many cousins and relatives. In addition he had many friends, neighbors, union brothers, and others who are richer for having known him.

     The impact Gus made on those who knew him was often life changing. His wisdom and guidance were sought after. He will be missed by many. Thank you Gus for everything!

     A graveside service is being held at 11:30 AM on Tuesday Sept 23, 2014 at Hillside Cemetery in Osterville.



Officers (prior to July 2014)
Fire Chief Michael Winn (Car 301) (6/28/2013)
Deputy Chief Byron Eldridge (Car 320)  (2013)
Fire Prev Officers Martin MacNeely, Michael Grossman 
EMS Officer Jason Davern (P),

Group 1: Captain Richard Sargent,     
               Lt John Tavares, Lt Brian Morrison, Lt. Mathew Dillon (P)
Group 2: Captain       
               Lt Paul Rhude,  Lt Eric Bengston (P), Lt Tom Goodearl (P)  
Group 3: Captain Sean Greene         
               Lt James Gardner (P),  Lt Thomas Miskiv, Lt Chris Adams
Group 4: Captain Brady Rogers,       
               Lt Tom Burchell (P), Lt Roger Aalto (P), Lt. Eric Sabatinelli (I)   




New COMM Deputy

With the retirement of COMM Deputy Chief Phil Field on July 15, 2013
came the swearing in of the new Deputy. Byron Eldridge joined the COMM
in the 1980s and has been a Captain since the mid 1990s.



COMM Fire Chief Mike Winn presents retiring Deputy Chief Phil Field with several items
upon his retirement after 39 years as a member of COMM FD, the last 3 years as Deputy.
On July 15, 2013 fellow chiefs, deputies, friends, and  family came to wish him well on his last
day of work at COMM.


Later that afternoon, Byron Eldridge was sworn in as the new Deputy Chief.
Deputy Eldridge with his family and  Deputy Field.





The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire District
have announced their choice for the next Fire Chief of the COMM Fire Rescue Department.

Michael J. Winn, 39, currently the Fire Chief in Greenfield, MA will take over and lead the
department upon the retirement of Chief John M. Farrington at the end of June.


The selection comes after a national search where 52 applicants were considered.
Ultimately it came down to Chief Winn and COMM Deputy Chief Phillip Field.
Deputy Field has been a member of the COMM FD for 39 years and has
been Deputy since 2010.
The Commissioners unanimously voted to support Chief Winn.

Chief Farrington is currently the longest serving fire chief on Cape Cod.
He joined the fire department as a teenager in Osterville in 1966.
He was one of the first EMTs in the state in 1972.
In 1973 he was elected as fire chief at the age of 23.
Forty years later, after many accomplishments and an incredible
amount of change in the fire and ems world, he will turn the department
he built over to Chief Winn.

Congratulations to him and Welcome to COMM!



Crosby's Retire
Britt & Robyn's last day at COMM FD
Jan 21, 2011


COMM New Deputy

September 1, 2010
Chief John Farrington shakes hands with new Deputy Chief Phillip Field
who replaces retired Deputy Craig Whiteley.

Also promoted, Captain Richard Sargent
September 1, 2010


COMM Color Guard
COMM FD recently organized a color guard.  Members have attended ceremonies at Washington DC, New York City, and most recently at the dedication of the department's new memorial on October 20, 2002.
COMM Memorial Dedication Oct 2002
COMM Apparatus on display October 20, 2002 at dedication ceremony for new Firefighters Memorial at the Centerville Station. 


COMM Responses in 2001
COMM responses were down slightly in 2001 from 2000.  There were 3,261 responses, down 14 from the previous year.  COMM Responds to approximately 8.9 incidents a day.
COMM Personnel

Recently hired Firefighter Jessica Bates graduates from Mass Fire Academy on Jan 7, 2002.

COMM Fire Department Celebrated 75 years of service at an open house and Firefighter Memorial dedication held on Oct 14, 2001.  A ceremony recognized 100 past firefighters whose names are engraved on bricks in the new memorial.  Fund raising is under way to pay for a bronze statue of a firefighter that will overlook the memorial. Donations can be sent to C&O Volunteers, Inc., 1875 Falmouth Road, Centerville, MA 02632.






COMM Boat Rescue
Marine unit 300 responds to a boat sinking off Wianno
on Aug 3, 2012. Five people were rescued from the water
after their boat over turned. No injuries.

Centerville House Fire
Ginger Lane
April 20, 2011

2nd Alarm
Peck's Boats
Route 28, Marstons Mills
March 16, 2011

Centerville House Fire
Shootflying Hill Road
Feb 15, 2011


Osterville House Fire
Main Street, Osterville
Dec 9, 2010


Cape Cod Animal Hospital
1415 West Barnstable Road, Marstons Mills
Monday - March 9, 2009 - 2000 hrs
3 Alarms

Pondview Drive, Centerville
Monday - March 14, 2007 - 1535 hrs
Working fire


2nd Alarm Fatal Fire
Hickory Hills Circle
June 26, 2006 - 0515 hrs
2 Alarms
1 civilian fatality

Osterville Medflight
Landing zone rear of Osterville Bay School
Friday - July 7, 2006



3 Alarm Fire
North Bay Road, Oyster Harbors
November 4, 2005 - 1949 hrs
3 Alarms
Fire came while several units were at a 2nd alarm fire in Hyannis

Centerville Fire
625 Craigville Beach Road
October 12, 2005
Working fire

Osterville Drowning
Osterville Draw Bridge
Saturday - August 20, 2005 - 0330  hrs
23 year old male



Marstons Mills Barn Fire
630 Route 149
April 21, 2005
Working fire


Crosby Yacht Yard
Wednesday - December 10, 2003 - 2131 hrs
5 Alarms
4 large boat storage sheds, 40,000 square feet, approx 100 boats loast




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