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Updated Sept 1, 2008 -  Updated August 9, 2011
Updated May 12, 2014


Added Houston, TX fireboat photos Sept 1, 2008
Added Prince George's County Fireboat 858 July 7, 2008
Updated Higden Bay "FD 343" May 12, 2014

Higden Bay, Arkansas
"World's Smallest Fireboat"
9'0" in length, 4'8" beam, 20" draft.
5 hp Briggs & Stratton outboard motor.

The World´s Smallest Fireboat, was built in 2004 at Decatur, IL.
"Higden Bay" is 9´0" in length. With a 4´8" beam. Depth amidships, 20". Displacement at 4" waterline is 520 lbs.
Powered by a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton outboard motor. The pump delivers 12 gpm at 60 psi. Giving the monitor a 30 foot reach.
Equipment includes: compass, radios, hailer, siren, air-horns, bell, emergency, navagation, & searchlights.
Home port is Higden (Greers Ferry Lake), AR.

Higden Bay
"World's Smallest Fireboat"
12 gpm pump @ 60 psi.

Worlds Smallest Fireboat Website 
Updated site link 07-07-08

Higden Bay
"World's Smallest Fireboat"
Was renamed in memory of the FDNY 343 of 9-11-01
12 gpm pump @ 60 psi.
Update May 2014


Higden Bay
"World's Smallest Fireboat"
Was renamed in memory of the FDNY 343 of 9-11-01
12 gpm pump @ 60 psi.
Update May 2014



Key West, Florida Keys
Fire Rescue Boat

Buffalo, NY Fireboat Edward M. Cotter
Photo courtesy of Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping

Jan 30, 2006
These photos were submitted by Peter Friess
in Hamburg, Germany.
He sent these two photos of an "American" style
fireboat model he is building.  Interestingly, he has named
his craft the "John S. Damrell" with a home port of Boston.
If you do some research, you will find that Damrell was
the Boston Fire Chief at the time of the Great fire of 1872
and had a distinguished career and public service to the city.
John S. Damrell

These two former Hamburg fireboats have been restored and are on display as part of
a floating museum.  (Friess photo)

This is a photo of Hamburg Fireboat "Walter Haevernick"
(Friess photo)

Toronto Fire Boat "William Lyon MacKenzie" at birth in Toronto, Ontario.
Guest photo by John Kaye
March 28, 2006


Prince George's County, Maryland
Fireboat 858
2008 39' Metal Craft 2000 gpm fireboat capable of 35 knots
stationed at National Harbor on the Potomic.
Photos by B Shaffner, added April 2008

PG County Fireboat 858


Former Houston Fireboat Capt. Crotty.
Decommissioned and sold.

The Port of Houston Marine Fire Department operates three boats from four stations.
The J.S. Bracewell is a May 1983 68' LOA x 20' beam
with (2) 2000 gpm pumps and top speed 20 knots.
The Bracewell covers the Houston ship channel from the turning basin to Magellen refinery.
The Capt. W.L. Farnsworth covers from the Magellen refinery to Exxon Baytown. It is 80' long
with a 22' beam commissioned in March 1974 as 130 tons. It has (2) 3000 gpm pumps.
The Howard Tellspen is a 1983 twin to the Bracewell and covers from the Exxon Baytown to Bayport.
The fourth station has an engine and utility truck for Haz Mat responses located at Bayport.
(photos and info from Mike Stallings)


Capt. W.L. Farnsworth battling a fire

Houston Capt. W.L. Farnsworth

Houston Fireboats Capt. W.L. Farnsworth and Howard Tellspen display colors




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