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Fire Engines built by


By Britton Crosby
March 11, 2005 - Feature Updated September 19, 2010

Early American LaFrance radiator.
Hudson, NY 1992

American LaFrance Fire Engine Company

     One of the oldest and most famous fire apparatus manufacturers in America is the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company.  With roots that go back to approximately 1832, the companies that went on to become American LaFrance built hand drawn, horse drawn, and steam powered fire engines. The  International Fire Engine Company, corporate predecessor of American LaFrance, built some steam power fire engines between 1903-1907. Apparatus built by International included everything from horse drawn steamers, hose wagons, and hook & ladders to chemical engines, water towers and combinations. The American LaFrance Fire Engine  Company was officially formed in 1903. Its corporate offices and manufacturing plant were located in Elmira, New York. ALF delivered its first motorized fire engine in 1907. Over the years, American LaFrance built thousands of fire trucks including chemical engines, combination pumpers, aerial ladder trucks, Aero Chief snorkle trucks, and even airport crash trucks. The classical style of the American LaFrance apparatus is easily recognized.  Some of the company's innovations led to changes in the industry, most notably the cab forward style cab.  The company has recently undergone a major rebirth and is once again turning out distinct custom fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.
     The American LaFrance name is among the most recognized among all fire apparatus manufacturers.  A variety of Logos and name styles have appeared over the years on apparatus.  Some samples are on this page.  Most prominent in the ALF logo is the wings spread eagle over the Maltese cross and American LaFrance name.

     This Special Feature by is an opportunity to display some of my photographs of these beautiful American Lafrance fire trucks.  I know you will enjoy them.

     For more information on the history of American LaFrance and the company today, check the following web links.

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American LaFrance grill.
Lynnfield 1992 photo

American LaFrance radiator.
Lakehurst, NJ 1997

American LaFrance radiator cap.
Hudson, NY 1992


ALF - Springfield 1997

North Conway, New Hampshire.

Provincetown's 1936 American LaFrance

Lynnfield 1995

Approx 1942-1945 American LaFrance 600 series pumper.
New Smyrna, Fla

Classic American LaFrance 700 Series nose.
Planned approx 1945 - first deliveries 1947.

Series 700

The interior of the American LaFrance cab.
Webster 2003

Lake George, NY

Bud Man proudly displayed on this 'lime' ALF
Lynnfield 1992

Newark, New Jersey 1000 Series American LaFrance.
900 Series were built approx 1958 - 1973
1000 Series began in 1973 had metal along bottom of cab front.

Lynnfield 2002

1999 photo at Lynnfield

Classic ALF cab



This "Century Series" cab of Atlanta, Georgia Ladder 11
1992 photo

Baltimore 1991 photo


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Photos by Britton Crosby
All Rights Reserved
March 2005
August 2005