- Joint Base Cape Cod Fire Headquarters -

Barnstable County Technical Rescue Unit

2004 Kristi Dive Trailer
Barnstable County Tech Rescue Team Water Rescue Dive trailer
Part of a multi-piece response system

Originally CIEMSS MCI Trailer #1

Response by Brewster Fire Department

[MF-xxxx] Placed in service 2004
Reassigned to Barnstable County Tech Rescue in 2015
County Trailer ID 911 in 2020

 The Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team is a regional system
of trained personnel and equipment for response to technical rescue
incidents including collapse, dive, high angle, trench or similar calls
requiring specialized training and a large number of personnel. The
team includes a Freightliner Box Truck, the Dive bus, a couple trailers
and members from many of the Cape departments.