- Chatham Headquarters Fire Station 1 - 

Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team

2002 Wells Cargo Technical Rescue Trailer
Trench - Confined Space - Technical Rescue

Barnstable County Technical Rescue Unit
Tech Rescue Equipment
Part of a multi-piece response system

Response by Chatham Fire Department

2006 (2013) Kristi 24' Trailer
Barnstable County Tech rescue Team Water Rescue Dive trailer
Part of a multi-piece response system


[MF-xxxx] Placed in service 2003
Originally Chatham Fire Department Tech Rescue Trailer
Assigned County Team Number 908 in 2020


Trailer originally Otis Fire Department Haz Mat 413
Transferred to BCTRT Dive Unit in 2013
Assigned to MMR HQ

 The Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team is a regional system
of trained personnel and equipment for response to technical rescue
incidents including collapse, dive, high angle, trench or similar calls
requiring specialized training and a large number of personnel. The
team includes a Freightliner Box Truck, the Dive bus, a couple trailers
and members from many of the Cape departments.





Started out as MMR Haz Mat Trailer