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Hyannis - Engine 6 - Engine 826 

1996 Pierce Saber 4 door Cab Forward Pumper
1250 gpm - 500 gal
1000' 4" LDH


[MF-xxxx] Placed in service 2021
Originally Cambridge Engine 8 with a 55' Squirt.
Then utilized by Chelsea Fire
Became available in 2020 and Hyannis acquired it
to be a 4th / spare engine

Engine given Shop ID "8241996"
but being the oldest engine, it will usually be "Engine 6", even though
it sometimes could be "Engine 4" (see photo) even though the 2005 former
Engine 3 will now usually be Engine 4.
July 2021



In 2021, with the delivery of their 2021 Pierce Enforcer, Hyannis
opted to no longer display "county" radio numbers on the exterior
of their apparatus (at least ambulances and engines initially).
A placard system with a simple number is displayed on 4 sides of
the vehicles (A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4 on Ambulances and [2] [3] [4] [6]
on the Engines) which is used on the radio.

In theory, the "newest" vehicles, with the lowest numbers, are dispatched first.
When one of the vehicles is out of service for maintenance or other reasons,
the placards are simply moved from one apparatus to the next
which simplifies dispatching via CAD.

In order to actually keep track of which truck is which over time,
a "shop number" has also been added on the exterior generally
displaying what it's "county" number (at birth) might have been
and the year of the vehicle chassis. These numbers are not used
on the air, but are helpful for keeping things straight.

Going with the "newest" = "Lowest numbers" plan, Hyannis
also changed up original numbers (adding to some confusion)
to reorder the fleet, at least for now.

On any given day, any of the apparatus may be displaying a different
number than it did the day before.
That being explained, the vehicle displayed on this page may not
be what it actually "identifies as" elsewhere.
July 31, 2021