- Sandwich Headquarters Fire Station 3 - 

Car 442

2019 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV Deputy Chief Car
Deputy Fire Chief Sean Butler


[MF-xxxx] Placed in service Aug 2019
Assigned to Deputy Chief Car C442 (C-2) Timothy McMahon (2018)

Replaced - Trade in
2016 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV Deputy Chief Car
Deputy Fire Chief  Timothy McMahon (2018)
In Service since Nov 2015
Originally assigned to Fire Chief William Carrico III
AKA C-1 Sept 2017

 Reassigned to Car 442 in Oct 2018
Replaced by 2019 Ford Explorer Car 441

Replaced 2016 Ford Interceptor 4x4 SUV Car 442
Reassigned to EMS Officer Car 443 in 2018

Placed in service Summer 2015
Originally Car 442 Deputy
AKA C-2 Sept 2017

2013 Ford Explorer Interceptor reassigned to C467
that started out as Fire Prev Car 467 in 2013
and was then reassigned to Deputy C442 in 2014
2008 Ford Taurus C442 reassigned to C467 in 2014
2007 Ford Explorer reassigned to C455
2000 Ford cruiser (black paint)