- Mashpee Fire Station 2 - 
New Seabury

Ambulance 362
(In House ID A-3)

2020 Ford F550 / LifeLine Type I Ambulance
Full ALS - Lifepak 15 - Lucas CPR - Stretcher Lift
(2) SCBA

NOTE: Mashpee currently rotates ambulance assignments using 361 as the primary
ambulance out of Station 1, 362 as the ambulance out of Station 2, and 363 as the
second ambulance out of Station 1. Keeping track of the specific vehicles is therefore
difficult. The "new" A362 had the alternate ID of A-3 in July 2020.

[MF-xxxx] Placed in service July 2020
Originally assigned as Ambulance 362 at Station 2
Also has alternate in house ID of A-3 for tracking purposes.

This Ambulance started out in Mashpee in January 2019 as
the new Ambulance 362/EMS 318. At that time it was the department's
first 2018 Ford F550/Lifeline Type I style Ambulance. The vehicle also served in
other numbering positions in its early months including as A-363/318 at the time
this vehicle was involved in a rollover MVC on Rte 151 in Falmouth while
transporting to Falmouth Hospital Aug 9, 2019. Several patients including
providers were transported by other ambulances.
The box body was salvaged and remounted on a
new 2020 Ford F550 chassis and returned to service in July 2020.

A few loaner ambulances were utilized during the 2019-2020 period
as Mashpee tried to continue service with 2 of 3 ambulances out of service
at various times.

2014 International / Horton Type I Ambulance
Formerly Bourne Ambulance 133
Bought by Mashpee temporarily in 2020

Mashpee borrowed former Sandwich Ambulance 456
2014 International Navistar 4300 / Horton Type I Ambulance
in Fall 2019 after Mashpee's Ambulance 362 had been involved
in a Crash on Aug 9, 2019.

2019 NOTE
Mashpee opted to paint to EMS radio numbers permanently on ambulances
in Jan 2019. The Fire Department radio numbers however are now able
to be swapped on or off ambulances based on the station they are assigned
to at that time for dispatch simplification. This makes it tricky to accurately
keep track of the history of vehicle assignments on this site from time to time.


2014 Ford E450 / Horton Type III Ambulance 362
(Gas  / automatic )
In service since Jan 2014
2007 Ford E450/Horton Type III diesel Ambulance 362

Replaced 2003 Ford E450 / Lifeline Type III Amb 362
June 2008



Former Bourne Ambulance 133
2014 International/Horton Type I Ambulance
Served in 2020

Former Sandwich Ambulance 456
Serving as Acting Mashpee Ambulance 362
Aug 29, 2019


Acting Ambulance 362
Recently replaced Sandwich A-456 on Loan to Mashpee.
Aug 29, 2019


Mashpee Ambulance 362
Went Out of Service due to MVC Aug 9, 2019