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Ladder 192 - Page 2

1996 Ford CF8800 / Middleboro Fire Apparatus / Maxim 75' Aerial Ladder

This specially designed unit has an interesting history. It is the first aerial ladder
in the Provincetown Fire Department. The Ford chassis was new. The body was
built new by Middleboro Fire Apparatus with rollup doors, etc. The 1000 gpm
Hale pump came from the former East Sandwich, MA Engine 150,
a 1970 Maxim S pumper. The 4 section 75 foot aerial ladder came from a 1961 Central
Falls, RI aerial ladder truck. The unit is designated "Ladder 2" because it replaced
Provincetown Engine 2 (192). It is set up to operate as an engine, aerial,
and serves as the Ptown heavy rescue vehicle. It has a very short wheel base to
get around the narrow streets and alley ways of Ptown. Delivery price $164,000.