- Harwich Fire Station 2 - 
East Harwich

Ambulance 74
(EMS 354)

2019 Ford F550 / Life Line Type I Ambulance
Full ALS
Lifepak 15 - Lucas CPR - Stretcher Loader


[MF-xxxx] Placed in service Jan 2019
Originally assigned to Ambulance 74 at Station 1
Reassigned as first due at Station 2 late Dec 2020
Ambulance involved in MVC June 2021.
Sent out for repairs. Former Hyannis Ambulance borrowed
to cover Harwich for summer.

2012 Ford E450 / Life Line Type III Ambulance
NOTE: Was first Red/Black ambulance purchased by Harwich in 2012
Originally Amb 63 at Sta 2
Reassigned to A62
Reassigned to Amb 74 in Summer 2016

Previous Unit 74 was a Boston Whaler
Unit 63 reassigned to duty officer vehicle 2016

Former Hyannis A825 (2011) reassigned to Harwich (June 2021) while
Harwich A74 repaired from MVC.