- Yarmouth Headquarters Fire Station 1 - 
South Yarmouth

Forestry 46

1994 Ford F350 4x4 2 door Forestry Truck
250gpm/175gals/Class A
(diesel / automatic)
Front Winch

[MF-xxxx] Placed in service 1994
Originally a Forestry Truck with 250 gpm - 175 gals - Class A Foam
Was assigned to Station #2
Tank and pump removed in 2001.  Reassigned as a Squad unit Station #1 2001.
At one time carried cascade air, jaws, airbags, etc...
Squad body removed in 2012 and flatbed installed.
Original skid tank and pump reinstalled and upgraded August 2012.
Unit had been in "Forestry 40" prior to being put back on its original chassis.


Original Squad 26