(MN-2) - Marion Fire Station #2 - East Marion

Marion Ladder Tower 1

1991 (2007) Emergency One 95' Aerial Platform
1500 gpm / 200 gals
Purchased Fall 2007
Originally assigned to Station 2
Reassigned to Station 1
Replaced 1989 E-One 110' rm Aerial Ladder

This vehicle was acquired from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus after another used E-one aerial ladder 
Ladder 1 that was bought in 2006 was destroyed by fire as it drove down the highway.
The platform reportedly had been a Milwaukee, WI aerial. The new truck went in service . Dec 2007


Purchased April 2006 from Watertown, MA
Replaced 1955 (1990) Maxim S 75' Aerial Ladder

Apparently shortly after Ladder 1 went in service in early summer 2006
it was coming back on the highway from some servicing when a hydraulic
line let go and the truck caught on fire.  It was apparently seriously damaged
by the fire.  Uncertain what will be happening with a ladder truck
in Marion in the near future.
Updated Sept 9, 2006